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Our Committees

Business Russia Members discuss the development of various non-resource sectors and establish a dialogue between government executive bodies and the business community. Business Russia has 27 sectoral committees and the Chamber of Experts, which form the position of the business community on strategic, macroeconomic, cross-sectoral, and socially significant issues of non-resource business in Russia.

Our Committes include:

  • Committee for Automation of Solutions for Traceability of Goods and Cash Flows
  • Comittee on Banking
  • Committee on Precious Metals, Gemstones, Jewelry and Folk Arts
  • Committee on Land Market
  • Service and Housing Committee
  • Committee on Machine Building
  • Committee on bidding
  • Passenger Transportation Committee
  • Waste management Committee
  • Committee for Food and Processing Industry
  • Fire Safety and Civil Defense Committee
  • Committee for the production and circulation of alcoholic beverages, winemaking and viticulture
  • Composite Industry Development Committee 
  • Transport Infrastructure Development Committee 
  • Retail Trade Committee
  • Agriculture Committee
  • Construction Committee
  • Transport Logistics Committee
  • Financial Services Committee
  • Tourism Committee 
  • Franchise Committee
  • Chemical Industry Committee
  • Committee on Digital Technologies and Innovations in Marketing, Advertising and Communication 
  • Energy Committee 
  • Light Industry Committee
  • Medical Engineering Committee
  • Medical Services Committee
  • Pharmaceutical Industry Development Committee 

Our Chamber of Experts includes:

  • Expert Center for Tax and Budget Policy
  • Expert Center for Control and Supervision Activities
  • Expert Center for Population Policy and Reproductive Health
  • Expert Center for Physical Culture, Sports and Healthy Lifestyle
  • Expert Center for Criminal Law Policy and Enforcement of Judicial Acts
  • Expert Center for Antimonopoly Regulation

For further information and cooperation please contact: [email protected]