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Business Russia

Business Russia is an All-Russia Public Organization which represents the interests of private non-resource businesses – local industry leaders.

The organization was founded in 2001 and unites more than 7 thousand entrepreneurs and more than 400 deputies of federal and regional parliaments in Russia. The total number of employees at the enterprises of Business Russia is about 3 million people and the total annual revenue of companies owned or headed by Business Russia members is estimated at 2.8 trillion rubles. Business Russia is represented in all 85 regions of the Russian Federation.

Since 2019 the Chairman of Business Russia is Alexey Repik and the President is Pavel Titov.

The Business Russia General Council currently consists of 260 people, 50 of whom are members of the coordinating council of the organization, the governing body of our organization. Abroad, Business Russia is represented by 42 business ambassadors. There are more than 200 international organizations among the partners of Business Russia. Thousands of international business missions have been conducted.

Our organization provides the platform to discuss the development of various branches of the non-resource sector, solve the current problems, establish a dialogue between state executive bodies and the business community. For this purpose, Business Russia has 28 industry committees and an Expert Chamber that forms the business association's positions on strategic, macroeconomic, intersectoral, and socially significant issues of non-resource business development in Russia.

Business Russia has 20 thematic clubs for informal communication. The organization actively develops its own projects, such as "The History of Russian Entrepreneurship", "Country Duty", the award "People of Business" and others.

Business Russia holds hundreds of expert round tables on all aspects of economic development.

Business Russia actively promotes the interests of the business community and interacts with the authorities. The representatives of the organization are members of 405 advisory and expert structures at the federal and international levels. More than 50 representatives of Business Russia are members of public councils under the aegis of federal ministries and departments. Due to the proposals of Business Russia more than 100 instructions from the President of the Russian Federation and more than 150 instructions from the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation were given since 2019.

The business association participates in improving the investment climate and liberalizing the regulatory environment, helps to create mechanisms to support Russian industry in foreign markets, and helps attract foreign investment.

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